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License type: Shareware
Version: 27.0.1460
Developer: Fast Internet 27.0.1460
Date Updated: SEP-18-2013

The performance of your Browsers can easily mean the difference between a superb web surfing experience and an online nightmare. If you're still having a tough time choosing which one to go for, giving Fast Internet a try just might do the trick.

Popularly regarded as one of the up and coming players in the Internet browsing scene these days, Fast Internet envisions to change the way people explore the web. Akin to its counterparts, Google Chrome and Firefox, Fast Internet aims to give each and every user a faster web browsing experience while doing away with all the annoying interruptions. Fast Internet guarantees that you won't just get access to unbridled speed the moment you log on but also get rid of the annoying interruptions that could ruin your web browsing experience instantly.

A smart Internet browser that always keeps you safe

Privacy and safety are the two biggest issues that you have to prioritize when it comes to downloading or browsing the worldwide web. Fast Internet for Windows is specially designed to give users a safeguarded environment when exploring cyberspace and gathering online data. Apart from making sure that you will remain as anonymous as possible and your valuable information kept under wraps, using Fast Internet also guarantees that your web browsing experience won't be ruined with a sluggish connection every time you go online.

Fast Internet also offers an intuitive search engine that is programmed to take you to the pages you're looking for at a touch of a button. With Fast Internet, you just have to type in a keyword or two in the search box and you'll be redirected to the website you want fast. Since Fast Internet has no ads and similar distractions, you're guaranteed to have the web browsing experience you've always wanted each time you log on.

Fast Internet will revolutionize the way you browse the worldwide web.