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License type: TRIAL
Version: 1.01
Developer: PopCap Games
Date Updated: SEP-08-2014

Zuma Deluxe is an arcade game in which you play as a guardian frog protecting the treasure of the temple against the menace of coloured balls.

This is a simple game right for every kind of person. Just spit different coloured marbles to the queue which advances constantly to the skull star besides the guardian.

This kind of game are pretty addictive for the general public since its mechanics are easy to understand and just requires two actions: aim and shoot the marbles. Get ready to help the guardian frog to fulfil its sacred mission and protect the safety of the temple.

Zuma Deluxe gameplay

One of the main features of the game is the instant action it provides. Just select start the game and you will be placed in the first level, learning the basics. Match the same coloured marbles and watch them disappear.

Zuma Deluxe gets harder in further levels. The game is divided in three sets plus a final special one. Enjoy through the 22 levels and beat the game with the higher score ever. It includes two different game modes: Gauntlet and Adventure. While Adventure is the classic mode in which you must complete all the levels, Gauntlet will set a challenge for all kind of gamers practising techniques and also playing the endless mode.

Zuma Deluxe 1.01 Features

The graphics of this game are really simple. There are not astonishing special effects neither 3D details, everything is showed in 2D and this way the game keeps simpler. You will be able to play Zuma Deluxe in every kind of computer with ease.

The music in the game is repetitive and is influenced by Aztec culture just as the whole game is. There is some diversity on the sound FX such as marble spitting and marble matching, showing differences between each action musically.


In case you like this franchise you can also try Zuma Revenge! which keeps the same spirit and adds new levels to increase the challenge. You can also try RealOne Arcade which is a recompilation of classic arcade games.


Zuma Deluxe is a good arcade game for those who want to spent their time without thinking too much, just exploding marbles and getting the higher score possible. Try out this game and beware, it is very addictive.

The trial is 60 minutes long.

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