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License type: Commercial
File Size: 272.32MB
Version: 1.6
Developer: Valve
Date Updated: MAR-27-2015

Counter-Strike is a FPS game which is a mod that belongs to the classic and popular Half-Life and splits the players into two different teams.

This project started as a fan modification of the original game. Since it got to the general public Counter-Strike has been well-known among game players. The inclusion of these kinds of games into society has developed the known as E-Sports, which are competitions of games in which the skills of the player are putted to test.

Play online with your friends, establish the necessary strategies for each map and be ready for the action, the game is about to start.

Counter-Strike Gameplay

The game consists in two different teams, terrorists versus counter-terrorists. Both teams have to eliminate the contrary one and both are spread in different zones of the map. Once you get started you can buy different kind of weapons, from basic guns to shotguns and even assault rifles.

The gameplay is the classic of the genre, control movement with the keyboard which is totally customisable and aim and shoot with the mouse. The game is divided by rounds, if you survive to the round you will respawn with the equipment you kept last time. If you are beaten you will respawn with the basic equipment.

Technical settings

Counter-Strike doesn’t require too much resources. Nowadays the performance of the game in every normal computer will be great. The graphics are pretty simple for this age, but what is important is the gameplay, and there the game is pretty addictive.

Sound effects are the same as Half-Life but there are added some new ones for different weapons. Grenade’s explosions and graphical effects are pretty simple, but they will affect to the normal gameplay.


The FPS games for computer are one of the main genres of the system. There are plenty titles available that are more recent like Call of Duty: Black Ops Engine that can offer a gaming experience according to the actual stream. If you want to play something more terrific you can try Left 4 Dead 2 and enjoy the online multiplayer cooperating with other gamers.


Counter-Strike is one of the classic games for computers and still offers a great multiplayer experience. Try it out and put your skills to test, get ready for the action and be calm, the enemy is out there.