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Version: 2.1
Date Updated: APR-14-2014

Cool Edit Pro is an audio editor in which you will be able to modify and improve the quality sound of your tracks.

The latest edition of this software was bought by Adobe and turned it into Adobe Audition. This utility allows the user to edit different audio tracks easily thanks to its basic interface and the variety of features it possess like equalizer or diverse volume fades.

With this application you will feel like a real sound engineer working with the functions this powerful tool has to offer. Take a look at its features and you will be convinced to start in this musical world.

Mix multiple tracks

Cool Edit Pro supports up to 64 tracks that can be mixed together. In order to make a good mix you will need to get used to its tools. Play with echoes, different kind of distortions or even good reverb effects. Equalize the tracks to make them harmonious together and be aware of the volume mete: a good track is a good mixed work.

If you have recorded your own tracks, be aware of the ambient noise. The noise reduction will help you to get rid of the annoying sounds that have been captured by the microphone. This way you can have a crystal clear track to mastering it correctly.

Cool Edit Pro easy interface

Each track is showed with different colors in order to be recognized immediately just taking a look to the multitrack interface. It can be customized the way you may feel more comfortable with the task flow.

Check the menus to see the number of functions it has such as effects, the audio settings and the insertion of different elements. Cool Edit Pro supports video and audio formats which can be modified the way you like.


If you like Cool Edit Pro you can also try other applications like Cool Record Edit to make changes to your audio files. WaveLab is also a useful tool for track edition to make it simply enough for general use.


Cool Edit Pro is a good application if you want to start to edit audio since it is pretty simple and user-friendly. Check all the options it possesses and mix your tracks with a good quality for the general public.

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