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License type: Freeware
Developer: Apple
Date Updated: MAY-17-2016

iTunes is a media manager with which you will be able to organise your media files such as videos, music and other elements like images and ebooks in order to synchronise them with your Apple device.

This is a complete software which will help you to manage all your music among other kind of archives. The easy interface makes iTunes pretty simple to use and intuitive. Explore all the possibilities it has to offer and enjoy your own way.

Custom your playlists by genre, artist or by the subject you prefer. Set the properties of your audio tracks and do it the way you like, the choice is yours.

iTunes store

Through this application and your Apple id you will have access to all kind of contents like music, mobile apps, movies or ebooks easily in just a few steps. Just explore all the elements available on the market, free or to pay, and enjoy with your downloads.

New content is always available. The maintenance of this service is important for the users since this is the way to get new elements for their devices. Brand new games, all kind of music, films and even TV series are in this big store.

iTunes Features

iTunes offers great functions for the users such as converting audio files into other formats like MP3, equalisation or ripping your own physical CDs to manage the tracks in the library. Thanks to this software you will be able to listen to different online radio stations and podcasts, which increases the utility of the program.

iTunes incorporates Genius which is a feature to make playlist automatically setting just the genre. This way the application will match the compatible tracks into one list without the necessity of doing yourself your mixes. Explore the application and you will see the great features it has to offer.


There are other applications to manage your own music like the classic Winamp Fulla great audio player for general purposes. If you enjoy your music online you can also try Spotify, with lots of playlists from different users and great musical variety.


iTunes is a great manager for your media files and offers lots of features like audio equalisation, format conversion and even a great store to get new music or films. Check it out and you won't be disappointed.

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