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License type: Freeware
Version: 7.9.6 build 42179
Developer: BitTorrent
Date Updated: APR-07-2016

BitTorrent is the best p2p file sharing client program for Windows system that you can get for free and use to download any sort of data in a fast manner.

Like with any sort of p2p application that you can get on Windows system, BitTorrent is a free program that you can use to download and upload any sort of data. While most such tools generally do take some time to get your data, this program is fast and reliable way to do just that.

Unlike the vast majority of free p2p clients that you can get on Windows today, BitTorrent also comes with great set of support functions that can assist you as well. This simple utility is a really fast way to share any sort of data that you may need and download the same sort of data as well.

BitTorrent really is a great free p2p client on Windows for any user, but the thing that makes it a bit complicated to use is the sheer complexity of the settings that you will have to deal with and the fact that you can’t really set up your program fast. In most cases the download speed of your files will depend on the various settings that you have to setup manually.

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