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License type: Freeware
Version: 48.0.2
Developer: Mozilla.
Date Updated: SEP-06-2016

Free internet browsers that you can download for Windows that are safe and fast are a rarity and getting Mozilla Firefox is the best program that you can get today.

Vast variety of different add-ons that you can add and various other security solutions and being free, make Mozilla Firefox the best internet browser on Windows today, even with some other programs that you can download that are as fast as this great solution, this great utility still is a lot more versatile.

Apart from being constantly updated in order to work on your Windows platform, this great browser will also come with a whole range of already supported formats that you encounter on web pages. This way you won’t have to download any additional free tools in order to get this job done thanks to the Mozilla Firefox and the great set of fast tools that it provides.

The only bad thing that you may notice on a free browser like Mozilla Firefox is the issue of over usage of standard Windows resources and this means that your browser won’t be fast or stable if you start to download a lot of data at once or open a lot of tabs at once.