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License type: Commercial
Version: 2012
Developer: Electronic Arts Inc.
Date Updated: FEB-04-2015

Medal of Honor is another series of first-person shooter Action. The series has up to fourteen instalments and the latest one is the Medal of Honor Warfighter, which focuses on modern warfare unlike the first twelve that take place during World War II.

Medal of Honor Warfighter has improved graphically and other features are added on its gameplay. The story is based on real life Tier 1 Special Forces experience while stopping terrorist attacks in the US. In Medal of Honor Warfighter, you play as two operatives: namely Preacher and Stump. The players to choose from vary and are split in different classes. The class type you pick depends on the character you want to play like Sniper and Point Man among others. Medal of Honor Warfighter allows you to play with other gamers and you must think fast and work together as a team to achieve your goals.

Defend your country like a real soldier

Medal of Honor Warfighter has both single-player and multiplayer mode. It features free customization of a character's appearance and weapons like what Counter-Strike and Special Forces offers. Although you only start with two default weapons, you can pick up weapons dropped by your enemies in Medal of Honor Warfighter. You can pick from barrels to muzzles, magazines, and paint job of your weapon while playing Medal of Honor Warfighter. With Medal of Honor Warfighter, you can accomplish tasks, finish missions, save hostages, and enjoy driving missions.

There's no game that can give you adrenaline rush like this fast-paced shooting game. This is the official video game of Medal of Honor Warfighter that you can download for free on your Windows system. Download this awesome game and discover for yourself how it feels like to be a soldier. Improve your shooting skills and learn how to formulate effective tactics and strategies with Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Play Medal of Honor Warfighter and know how it feels like to be a hero.