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License type: Freeware
Version: 5.35
Date Updated: APR-21-2015

TrueCaller is a mobile application which provides the user with a global phone number directory to get in touch with people you want.

Once you get installed this application in your mobile phone you will be able to look for contacts in the directory of the app. This utility acts like a global network through social connections, that means that if your contacts have certain phone numbers you will be able to get them in case the user allows you.

Create your profile in this application and be ready to get in touch with people you always wanted to know about.

Truecaller is global

This mobile utility has multiple options and allows to search contacts by name and by number. Truecaller will find any number as long as it is added to their directory. You can think on this application like a real social network since it will share your own personal profile with the settings you choose like your picture and your likes.

You will have access to people other users have in common with you, such as friends and relatives without any concern. That person will be notified and will have the choice to allow or deny the contact, just as in any social network nowadays.

Filter contacts easily

One of the most interesting features of this application is the possibility of creating a black list. Thanks to this function, Truecaller will block any number you are not interested to keep in touch with. This is the best opportunity to avoid being called by undesirable spam or just numbers you don't want to be in contact with you.

Take in mind that the more you can collaborate with the application's directory, the more accurate will be for finding phone numbers, but remember that it is up to you.


There are applications that are very similar to this one such as FriendCaller which allows to get in touch with different contacts too. Total Recall Call Recorder offers more features for your mobile phone and is also recommended in case you need to record callings for whatever the reason.


Truecaller is a good application for your mobile phone in case you want to know or have contact with more people. Try it out and check the great number of possibilities it has for you.

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