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License type: Freeware
Developer: Facebook.
Date Updated: SEP-17-2015

Facebook Mobile is an application for phones which lets you to use the social network easily and pretty quickly.

Facebook is a well-known social network around the world with approximately 750 million unique visitors per month. So, with this utility you will be able to access to this social network from your mobile phone with all its features.

Facebook Mobile grants instant communication with the world. It will show the notifications from your contacts, the different status and the wall story. This way you won't lose anything if you are not connected through your computer; life is mobile and Facebook too.

Touch everything

Facebook Mobile offers total integration with tactile interfaces. In the age of the smartphones is necessary the integration of classic tools in new kind devices. In just a couple touches you will have access to your personal profile, you will be able to search contacts and even to use applications from the original page.

Check your pictures and upload more from your device almost instantly. The integration with the system is pretty good since it is absolutely prepared for mobile devices, but not all are good news. You may experience some delays in your actions and a better optimisation would be desirable but at least it runs right without fails.

Facebook Mobile Features

Facebook chat is activated in this version, so you will be able to speak instantly with your contacts without any kind of trouble. Thanks to this portable application you also will be able to install the great number of applications that are available on the original page without leaving the Facebook Mobile client.

You can post your actions through your device and enable the possibility of detecting where exactly you are. With this utility you won't miss the possibility of enjoying Facebook from your home. Get ready for the change.


If you like to use Facebook from your mobile you can try Facebook for Every Phone which tries to emulate perfectly the basic actions of the social network. There is also available Skype Mobile which offers a great connectivity and compatibility with your Facebook contacts.


Facebook Mobile is a great application for your mobile phone to get all the news from your contacts almost instantly. If you don't want to get outdated check this utility and be mobile, just like the life.

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